Update as of Monday, Nov. 30.....

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
30 Oct 95 06:53:22 EST

To members of the 2000 Club and those interested:
We now have 123 pledges from the U.S.A., Spain, Canada,
Norway, Sweden, U.K., Germany, Isle of Man, Finland,
Australia. If I missed your country, drop a note. The
total of pledges is now $183,500, as of Monday, Oct. 30.

And -- we now have two positive expressions of interest
from TV producers, one here and one in the U.K., in the
possibility of a TV special dealing with the claimants
who are sure to snap at this bait. The time may come
soon when I'll ask each of you to sign and mail in a
formal pledge, rather than just an e-mail document. We
want to avoid -- as much as we can -- the complaints
that are sure to arise from the "psychics" who are going
to have a hard time explaining why they aren't right up
front there to demonstrate their wondrous powers.

Most pledgers are regular folks who are interested in the
investigation of psychic claims, some with no obvious
academic background, others from Bell Labs, NIH, NSF, MIT,
Yale, Cambridge, medical and legal backgrounds, astronomy
and physics, and many other professional sources.

I'll update the list regularly.

(I remind you that this great idea of pledges was
originated by my friend Ron Leonard. I thought it might
work, but I had no idea it would take off like this!)

I'll be back home in Florida on Wednesday night, Nov. 1,
then away again (in Japan and Mexico) from November 5th
to 13th.

The latest pledgers.....

Adler, D. & Patterson, D.
Armentia, Javier E.
Bart, Greg
Bell-Moores, Cynthia (10K)
Bilderback, John R.
Blakeslee, Sandra
Bogrow, Paul
Booth, Max
Clabby, Michael
Degener, Jutta
DeVaney, Richard
Eisenson, Henry
Erwin, Greg
Fabbro, Andrew
Fagin, Barry & Michele (5K)
Fink, Jeffrey W.
Gorski, Tim
Haymore, Curtis
Hilliard, Garrison
Keay, Dr. Colin
Kercheval, Berry
Laroche, Scott
Lawrence, David C.
LeGrand, Scott
Little, C. (10K)
Lloyd-Jones, David
Lockman, William T., Jr.
Lovstrom, Rolf (2K)
Mayer, Kim & Mike
McCrainie, Jud
Merinoff, Linda
Powers, Michael W. J.
Randall, Jon
Robillard, Eli
Roub, Paul
Rush, Brian
Sabsay, Daniel
Sandbek, Terry
Sawyer, Judy (5K)
Schnitzius, Mark
Singer, Greg
Valenti, Frank
Wall, Brian

James Randi.

(Complete as of 7:00 a.m. Monday)


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