Update on the pledges....!

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
02 Nov 95 12:05:13 EST

To the 200 Club members.....

I'm just back from a lecture trip, and preparing to run off to Japan
and Mexico. Awaiting me were 23 new pledgers, bringing the current
total is (are you ready?) to $381,000. The largest pledgers are only
now getting on the list, since I had to check them out. Surely, no
"psychic" in the world can resist this offer!

Now, please, if you e-mail me, and if you're already registered here
as a pledger, start off by telling me that you are registered, and if
you haven't already given me your regular mailing address, please do

The legal situation is that I do not require anything but the pledge
at the moment, but if and when a contract is negotiated for a TV show
offering this large prize, I will probably be asking you for a more
formal statement, perhaps a promissory statement of some kind. That
will be to satisfy the lawyers, and to silence (is that possible?) the
moaning psychics who will be quick to complain that the prize money is
not really available. With the proper legal attention, they will be
assured that the money will be paid to them IF they can meet the
simple challenge.

To those who wish to check on the terms of my challenge, if you have
access to the World Wide Web, look at any of the sites in the addendum
to this message for details. I assure you all, unless there really
are genuine psychic powers out there, your money is VERY safe.
Applicants must agree to the simple rules, and no person can merely
claim (as several have done) that they've won my prize -- unless
they've filled out the proper forms and had them notarized.

(Incidentally, if anyone out there has the actual mailing address of
"Curley" (one of those who makes this inane claim) please get it to
me. I sent out the monthly batch of challenge forms, and didn't see
his there, so it must have slipped out somewhere. He's whining that
he didn't get his.)

A major pledger has now offered $90,000, and since Penn Jillette has
agreed to meet anyone's individual pledge, the total has now reached
this incredible amount.

In about two weeks, I'll run a complete 200 Club Membership List, but
meanwhile here are the latest pledgers, some from Australia, Germany
and France. (There are a couple of pseudonoms in here, since they're
famous folks.) And I owe the Netherlands an apology for previously
leaving that country off the list! Again, those who pledged more than
$1,000 have notations following their names.

Addamski, Richard U. (90K)
Beardslee, Mike
Boatwright, James R. Jr.
Braver, Robert
Braver, Elizabeth
Dekorte, Stephen
Elin, Rodney
Fall, Richard
Hausherr, Tilman (2K)
Henry, Michael A.
Howlan, Jean-Michel
Jonas, Jim
Langston, Peter S. (5K)
Langston, Peter S. (5K)
Larsen, Roar
Lovinger, Dan
Mason, Richard
Parle, Andrew
Schroeder, Robert
Smith, Roger (2K)
Tripp, Bruce
Williamson, Brendan
Woods, Garth (2K)

All for now -- James Randi.


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