First challenge for your money!

James Randi --- Wizard (
03 Nov 95 08:15:19 EST

The 2000 Club meets its first customer!

Next week, Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be in a Tokyo television
studio to test a young Taiwanese girl who has demonstrated an ability
to read small folded slips of paper held by her in an opaque bag. I
will be armed with my wits, my considerable expertise, lots of common
sense, and a reward consisting of my own $10,000 check and your

The 2000 Club at this moment is 150 members strong, and offers a total
of US$388,000 to anyone who can demonstrate any psychic, paranormal,
or supernatural ability under proper observing conditions. The young
lady who will be tested next week for this prize, Maie Takahashi, has
been endorsed by academics in Taiwan and by Japanese
parapsychologists. And we all know what that means.

Since I will be returning from Japan to the USA via Mexico (where I
will address the Club de Periodistas de Mexico on the 12th) you won't
have a report on Miss Takahashi's test until the 14th. Nail-biting
may commence now and continue until that time.

On another, less critical matter, I plan to prepare membership cards
for the 2000 Club. If you have pledged and would like to have a card,
just send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope marked "2000 Card" and
I'll get them off as soon as they are ready. By that time, I will
have better information on the planned TV special, too, and I'll
enclose that data. (Foreign members, rather than affixing postage
stamps, please enclose an International Reply Coupon -- available from
your post office -- along with your envelope.)

I'll send out a complete membership list about the 15th. Please
examine that list, be sure that your name is correct (except for those
few who have requested pseudonoms) and get back to me with any

So, I'm mounting my white steed, armed to the teeth, and I'm about to
head off to do battle with our first challenger. I have a feeling
that you're not too worried about having to come up with the pledge
money, and I assure you that I have every confidence in producing our
first example of a good investigation properly conducted.
Parapsychologists, please take note....

James Randi.


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