He's baaaaack!

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:59:45 -0500

Hello again. Brief report....

Met and conquered the Marvel Girl from Taiwan, in Japan. To the 2000
Club members, your money is still safe. But you knew that.

Also to 2000 Club members: Please don't send me your SSAE's just yet.
I'm not ready for them.

Heavy interest in Japan in doing a TV special on testing psychics,
early in 1996.

Please continue to ignore the ravings of the Curley character, if they
come your way. He's not in touch with the real world, and now that
he'll have a printed copy of my challenge, he'll get all excited at
the recognition. He thinks we hang on his every word. He writes that
he'll easily win your money (and mine) through the "challange" (his
spelling, not mine) and I'm sure you know how to evaluate that hot
air. I'd advise him not to start shopping for that new car just yet.
Just reading these few lines, he's getting his adrenalin up. He's
easily excitable.

You know, I'll bet that the "psychics" will come up with their own
"challange." I can picture a "2001 Club" in which pledges are
solicited and the prize offered to the skeptics if they can prove that
any given "psychic" is not able to do any given miracle. Need I point
out that one cannot prove a negative? It's like trying to prove that
Nixon didn't know what happened to the Watergate tapes....

And finally, the official announcement is in: the fabulous "Riley" has
taken on Uri Geller as a partner. What a powerful combo THAT is! I
guess that means our 2000 Club money is out the window?

More anon.
James Randi.