Addresses...[2000 club members]

James Randi --- Wizard (
19 Nov 95 11:40:12 EST

To the 2000 Club members:

I still need addresses on:

Adler & Patterson, Blakeslee, Degener, Diana, Forrer, Mr. Henry in
Missouri, Legrand, Levine, Lucey, Martin & Shaw, The Meyers, Mishra,
Pappas, Raade, Robillard, Sandbek, Staniforth, Valenti, Wall,
Woodhead, and Woods.


The adjusted total is now US $432,000, with 195 pledgers. I'm told
that the "psychics" are coming up with every sort of excuse to avoid
being in the running for this rather impressive sum, bleating about
how no one will actually pay the money, there's no intention of our
ever paying it, the test would be dishonestly rigged, it's all just a
publicity ploy, it would be so easy to win the money but we'd all
leave for a foreign country if they did win it, etc., etc.

Put your money where your mouth is, "psychic." We did so, now you
step up and be tested. Let's see how your hot air competes with the
facts of an actual test. There are now 195 of us waiting, money in
hand, for ANY miracle to be produced. First come, first rich. Step
right up. No waiting. You're next.

What is that great silence I hear.....?

James Randi.