Re: Curley's latest blunder....

James Randi --- Wizard (
21 Nov 95 19:37:55 EST

More bombast from Curley....

Today I received a remarkable communication from a chap who seems
not to be aware of just who is offering this challenge that I
originated years ago -- a challenge that has been answered by
many claimants, but has yet to be won. The following textis what
appeared on my screen just now. "Received" refers to the fact
that he has in hand my written challenge, which is easy to read
and to understand -- for most folks. Curley and his ilk depend
upon recognition by real people for their existence, and any fuss
he can produce boosts his self-importance. Normally, I would not
give him the satisfaction of looking his way, knowing what a
flood of codswollop I am unleashing, but since this particular
noise-maker has been circulating some false material about me and
it has almost been taken seriously by a few folks, I have to do
this housecleaning chore. His text follows, along with his typos
and other colorful aspects:
(From Earl Gordon Curley,

Received with thanks. Are you sure you want to go through with
this Randi? I'm not your normal "psychic" groupie. There will
be further stipulations which my legal staff are drafting up
which includes the fact that since you are not putting up any
money yourself that to commence the challenge you must agree to
relinquish any proceeds obtained by film, television, and/or
publications if you lose the challenge. As well, a written
guarrantee or certified check must be in the hands of the
producers of such an event and must be confirmed two weeks prior
to the event. My response will be forwarded to you shortly and
will be posted in the respective conferences on the Internet.
(I'm not quite sure what a "normal `psychic' groupie" is, but
I'll take Curley's word that he's not one of those.)

As usual, Curley doesn't understand the real world. I didn't
know that he had his own challenge, which this appears to refer
to. As for MY challenge, it states clearly that I am "putting
up" my own money, a fact which has escaped him. On MY challenge,
I make the rules. If Curley doesn't like those rules, that's
tough. I will not "relinquish" anything, nor will I produce a
"certified check." My challenge = my rules.

Now, if Curley wants to turn this into a bet (which the challenge
is not, and never has been), a bet in which he puts up his own
$10,000 against mine, we'll talk. But I certainly will not ask
my 198 pledgers to go along with that; I'll do it personally. And
the rules will still be the same. Those are the only terms I'll
go for, and that's that.

This isn't the only time that claimants have used this ploy to
avoid being tested. They've tried imposing their own rules on MY
challenge, and I've always resisted any such move, because the
one time that I started to go along with a minor change, there
came from the claimant a flurry of other exceptions, new rules,
amendments and other changes that came up one after the other,
endlessly. (We finally agreed to do it my way, and she lost.)

Curley, I don't want to hear any hot air about me "fearing" you
will take the prize. I place your claims somewhere between the
Hollow Earth believers and the Holocaust Revisionists. Just put
up or shut up, though this recognition will doubtless serve your
ego for a couple of months of blustering and bleating. I've
braced myself, so go ahead.

So, Mr. Curley, it appears that you are not willing to accept my
challenge. Now, spare us all the spectacle of claiming a win by
default, which I can expect at any moment. YOU REFUSED TO ACCEPT

If, however, you are overtaken by an attack of rationality, and
you still believe you have psychic powers (in spite of your very
bad recent showing) then the offer is still open to you, and it
always will be -- under MY rules, not yours.

Besides, you haven't even said what you claim to be able to do!

I'm sure that your "legal staff" will now spring into action.

Yawn. J.R.


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