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James Randi --- Wizard (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 01:12:15 -0500


You may recall the offer that I made on November 26th to the Quadro Corporation,
who make and sell the wonderful QRS 250G "Detector" that is supposed to find
drugs, arms, golf balls and almost anything else. It's a $955 glorified dowsing
stick, and simply doesn't work, as I've shown several times. I announced the
specific challenge to Quadro here on the Hot Line. I offered Quadro Corp., or
ANYONE they designated (one of their distributors, the "inventor," any of the
staff, any client) the $500,000 prize. It's been two weeks now, and nary a
response. But they have until January 26 (60 days) to answer, after which I go
to the media with this.

Well, a scientist named William Llope in Texas asked my advice on how to handle
the invasion of the Quadro-wavers, and then did an excellent double-blind test
to establish that the stupid thing was a fake. It made big news in the local
paper. Now I'm told by Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that the local
police force was prepared to spend $200,000 on these gimmicks, and a Sandia
investigator did a double-blind test of her own; the stick, again, failed the
tests. When she called the VP of Quadro, she was told to go to hell. She
didn't; she came to me, and told the story.

Quadro Corp. seems unhappy with all this challenging, and they have been urging
their distributors not to allow the device to be tested. Could this mean that
they KNOW it doesn't work? Surely the half-million prize is enough to make them
take notice?

Any suggestions on what we might do about this? No state authorities have shown
any interest, and I don't know where to go next.

James Randi.


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