The 2000 Club status....

James Randi --- Wizard (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:56:26 -0500


I still have not heard from many of you with your pledges plus the
required stamped, self-addressed envelopes (SSAE's). Even though I
clearly asked non-USA pledgers to send the written pledge plus a
self-addressed envelope plus an International Postal Reply Coupon, a
couple of you wrote that you could not buy US stamps in your
countries! Yes, I'm aware of that, and that's why I asked for the
Coupons! A number of foreign letters arrived with self-addressed
envelopes bearing foreign stamps, as if the US postal system will
deliver mail bearing foreign stamps. Get real, folks!

Since so many of you have either not sent the SSAE + pledge, or sent
an envelope without the written pledge, or sent the pledge without the
envelope (!) I've had to revise the total of the prize. It's now

Some of you sent the wrong or incomplete material by Express Mail.
Guys, the wrong stuff getting here faster doesn't help.

PLEASE don't ask me to tell you more about the Taiwanese girl before
I'm ready to do so. PLEASE don't ask me the date of the upcoming
NBC-Dateline show ("in January" is all I know. PLEASE don't ask if
you can pledge anything less that $1,000.

Thanks to all of you who made suggestions on how to get the law
interested in the Quadro device. I've long ago tried the Better
Business Bureau. They are only interested in whether Quadro belongs
to the BBB, and if not whether they might want to join. Useless. The
FBI has not responded. No police department has responded to a
massive mailing I sent out. The FDA doesn't care, and Consumer
Reports hasn't answered my phone calls. The POstal Inspector's Office
wants me to produce a consumer who bought it by mail and wants his/her
money back.

I still have four pledgers for the 2000 Club without mailing addresses
(postal) though I've asked for them repeatedly.

Now, if we're going to do this thing right, we have to get our act
together. The mass of scared psychics out there are going to pick any
holes they can in this project, and now that I've had to drop back to
$446,500 from $507,000, I'm worried that there will be other problems
just because members won't do the simple things I've asked.

Kansa City, Missouri, is the latest to fall for the Quadro device.
Several schools there bought it, and the Kansas City Star is running
an article skeptical of the validity of the thing. Still, no law
enforcement agency will step forward and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS

All for now. End of tirade.
James Randi.


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