2000 Club Delinquents....

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 13:10:32 -0500

[If you missed the instructions on how to join the 2000 Club, in
particular the documentation you need to mail - *please* read the file
2000club available via anonymous ftp to ftp.ssr.com]

I still have not heard from the following people:

Aldous, Andrews, Armentia, Bjorke, Blakeslee, Booth,
Breitner, Brod, Chappell, Cheswick, Clement, Dekorte,
DeVaney, Diana, Ding, Duff, Eakins, Ehrmantraut, Eisenson,
Eliasen, Fabbro, Ferraiola, Foster, Frank, Freitag, Frier,
Garren, Hansen, Haymore, Illig, Keay, Kercheval, Killian,
Korporaal, Lanza, LaRoche, Legrand, Levine, Levy, Little,
Lloyd-Jones, Love, Lovstrom, Lowe, Lynn, Mantakos, Markovsky,
Martin & Shaw, Mason, McCranie, McRae, Merinoff, Mishra,
O'Brien, Parle, Paulson, Powers, Raade, Randall, Randolph,
Robelen, Robillard, Rowland, Rufener, Salzman, Schnoebelen,
Schroeder, Shahar, Sheiber, Simpson, Singer, Spencer, Spitzer,
Thompson, Tripp, Vandermey, Ver Ploeg, Waldo, Wall, Williams,
Williamson, Woodhead.

That's 88 pledgers, folks! Let's get them in here!

And, there are still 3 persons for whom I have no
postal address or pledges. They are: Blakeslee,
Diana, and Raade.

And I know full well that foreign governments don't
sell US postage stamps! That's the reason for the
International Postal Reply Coupons request! Also,
don't send me a SSAE bearing foreign stamps. They
don't work in the USA.

Can we get all of this "in the bag" by the end of this
year? Please?
James Randi.


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