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James Randi --- Wizard (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 02:31:56 -0500

My year-end summary on the 2000 Club and matters in

The response to my request for a written pledge plus a
stamped, self-addressed envelope has been met quite
nicely, but we still have a number of persons who have
not responded. If your name is on the following list,
and (a) you have already received your membership card
and/or the thank-you letter, or (b) you already have
your response on it's way, please inform me. (The
pledger in France has been excused due to the postal
strike in that country, but is listed here.) If you're
on here and neither (a) nor (b) apply, please comply at
your earliest opportunity. I need to get a firm set of
documents together very soon, and those who do not get
the written pledges to me will have to be dropped from
the list. Sorry about that, but the challenge must be
clear and properly documented. Here's the list:

Aldous, Andrews, Armentia, Beardslee, Bjorke,
Blakeslee, Booth, Brod, Chappell, Cheswick, Clement,
Dekorte, DeVaney, Diana, Duff, Eakins, Ehrmantraut,
Eisenson, Fabbro, Ferraiola, Foster, Frank, Freitag,
Frier, Garren, Hansen, Haymore, Illig, Kercheval,
Korporaal, Lanza, Legrand, Levine, Levy, Little, Love,
Lovstrom, Lowe, Mantakos, Martin, Mason, McCranie,
O'Brien, Parle, Paulson, Powers, Raade, Randall,
Robelen, Robillard, Rowland, Rufener, Salzman,
Schnoebelen, Schroeder, Shahar, Sheiber, Singer,
Spencer, Thompson, Tripp, Vandermey, Wall, Williamson.

(The Thompson listed is one of the James C. Thompsons.
The other has responded.)

I still have no postal address for Blakeslee, Diana,
and Raade.

The current actual total of pledgers is $476,000 from
212 persons or organizations. As soon as I receive the
remaining pledges, it will amount to $546,500. I
cannot accepting pledges for less than $1,000, and
increases over that amount must be at least $500. That
simplifies my record-keeping enormously.

There are 14 countries represented in our pledgers
"unknown." This is an excellent range indeed, and
shows the international interest in bringing the
claimants out in the open.

The "psychics" out there have been panicking, with no
legitimate excuse for failing to claim the prize. The
usual canards have been dragged out (why are we not
surprised?) and I'm just not going to waste time
denying the mass of drivel that they churn out to alibi
their failure to come and take the money. The major
protestation is that they want to see the money in
cash, all in a pile, before they will deign to prove
what they've been screeching about for so many years.
Note that they come up with nothing, but expect us to
ante up at their demand. Put up or shut up; that's the
name of this game, and we are patiently waiting....

Significantly, the Quadro Corporation has ignored my
personal offer to them to prove their device works, but
it may be because the scientific evidence showing that
it doesn't work is pouring in. That may be one claim I
can ignore, because it will go down in flames all by
itself -- with the help of federal agencies. Gee,
Quadro could win the $476,000 and use that to pay their

To all of you who have pledged your support, my sincere
thanks. We have all sorts of potential TV interest
here, and early next year I'll be able to tell you how
that's going. I may be travelling all over the globe
with your pledges in my fist, offering this small
fortune to all takers who are brave enough to step up
and try. Meanwhile, the others will be grumbling and
throwing insults around to cover up their inability to
produce the sought-after miracle. Athenian philosopher
Aeschines, fourteen centuries ago, seemed to know about
these folks when he said, "Boasters, when they lie, try
not to speak too particularly or plainly, from fear of
being disproved afterwards."

Perhaps, just perhaps, we may see some of the boasts
put to rest and their authors reduced to what they
really are. Working together, we make a pretty good
team, in my opinion.

Happy New Year 1996, everyone!

James Randi.


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