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James Randi --- Wizard (
25 Jan 96 00:01:05 EST


Today I was informed that the FBI had obtained an injunction against
the Quadro Corporation advertising, selling or promoting their stupid
and useless toy.

And, I was called by the boss of U.S. Customs agent Don Plybon, one of
those persons Quadro advertised as endorsing their "invention." Why I
didn't hear from Plybon himself, I'll never know. Perhaps he is not
allowed to admit that he was wrong. Quadro had published a quotation
from Plybon in which he related an account of a "positive for
gunpowder alert" that the stick gave him when pointed at a Russian
plane at Charleston, SC, airport. The customs agent, said the Quadro
ad, decided that "the plane was loaded with used guns." But when they
then unloaded the cargo and searched the plane, they found nothing.
So, says the ad, they "checked the grease on the ramp" and decided
that the Quadro couldn't be wrong, that there must have been
"something in the grease" that made it "alert." What really happened?
Gee, could it be that the customs agent made a boo-boo, because he was
naive enough to think that the thing actually worked? Why else would
his boss call me and forbid me to write to agent Plybon any more? And
where does he get the colossal nerve to forbid me to do anything? I
made my opinion quite clear to him, I assure you.

When the boss has to call me to tell me to stop challenging his
employee, I begin to wonder... In any case, Quadro has been warned to
stop using agent Plybon's name in the advertising they can no longer
send out.

My question is, will we see indictments handed down on this Quadro

James Randi


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