Change of plans....!

James Randi --- Wizard (
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 12:40:02 -0500

Sorry, folks. Just this minute, I heard from NBC-TV that the planned
Quadro piece will NOT be shown tonight on Dateline, but will be seen
on the night of February 14th, Valentine's Day, instead. Dateline
will still run the piece on me on Feb. 23rd -- unless yet ANOTHER
chage of schedule occurs. Stay tuned!

The CBS Prime Time piece on Quadro will probably still be on tonight
at 10. I had no input to that one, so I'm not informed about it.
There was an item on the ABC-TV news last night, a very effective one.

These last-minute changes are often done on Dateline, and I apologize
for having mis-informed you...
James Randi