The latest psychic bargain!

James Randi --- Wizard (
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 02:32:38 -0500


Wow! Think of it! Uri Geller (you may remember him, the chap who is
a professional spoon-bender?) has come up with yet another useful item
to help mankind. As if spoonbending wasn't enough to make him a
benefactor of the species, Geller now offers a kit!

In April you will be able to buy -- for a mere 20 pounds* -- "Uri
Geller's Mind-Power Kit" which we are assured is "the ultimate
opportunity to gain control of (our) lives through self-knowledge and
will-power and deal with problems ranging from executive stress to
weight and addiction problems."

That's strange! Didn't Geller tell us many (too many!) times that
he's a bulemic? I guess he hasn't yet managed the "will-power" and
"executive stress" aspects, but I'm sure he'll buy a kit himself and
work on it.

The kit consists of a book with a foreword written by David Frost
(what happened, David?) "which demonstrates how to activate your
untapped potential." But wait, there's more! "A 60-minute cassette
which helps focus the inner mind" is also included, and for those who
have a vowel in their first or second names, we'll throw in "a crystal
and meditation card both imbued with Uri's unique powers." Wowie!
You mean that I, too, can destroy cutlery with my mind? Leapin'

Get your money ready, friends. With such attractive features, this
"kit" is going to go like a bent spoon.....
James Randi

(Thanks to Mike Hutchinson for the report!)