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James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 03:48:17 -0500

Folks, I just had to share this with you....

Here's a response I got from a person who wants to claim the $528,000
prize. I referred him to the official challenge, and here's how he

"Alright, first of all, I respect what you're doing. Skeptism can do
wonders for the truth. It's been believers vs. unbelievers since the
beginning of time. But I feel like it's us vs. the unknown, skeptics
and believing counter-parts on the same side. However, a $500,000
prize makes for a nice motive, and that's the source of my motivation
up front. I can say that because I'm not tryin' to trick anyone..I'm
goin' for the cash. But that doesn't mean that I can't prove the
'existance of the supernatural'. Now I understand that there are
different 'rules' for each claim according to the nature of that
claim. That, for me, is the difficulty. It seems in my best interest
to claim the least amount of 'supernaturaliblity' I can. I closer
'point spread'. Because, you see, my claim revolves around the idea
that the information and ability to 'see' the supernatural phenomenons
are present within each and they can be 'brought out' within each
person with the correct application of information. That's what I do,
giving 'supernatural' vision..and thus a $500,000 result. However, it
does mean your skeptic days are over. And as for the rights to the
'information' for your purposes, I'd have to contest that. I think an
agreement can be reached on a percentage level. Once you see this,
you'll understand that the information is 'priceless', and the footage
or whatever will make millions. I know this in advance, so I have to
stake a claim in that end of it prior."

Wow! I've had some dandy responses in my time, but this one is the
winner for obfuscation and lack of any sense whatsoever. You see what
I'm faced with?

I had an interesting observation re my last "Quadro" posting. A reader says:

Don't forget a third group, anyone whose rights were
violated by law enforcement using this device as
"probable cause" for a search. These are "real" victims,
who didn't even have to subscribe to the nonsense.

Very true. Also, I think, anyone accused -- let alone convicted -- as
a result of the use of the Quadro toy, should have a dandy lawsuit,
don't you think?

And -- the WWW site for my Home Page (and the Challenge) has been
changed. It now is:


Please make a note....
James Randi


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