Quackery surges forward....

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 02:18:28 -0500


A correspondent has notified me that the Hocking Technical College in
Nelsonville, Ohio, is offering a degree program in "Massage Therapy"
with legitimate courses, including "Anatomy & Physiology," "Massage
Techniques," and so on. However, there also appears the required

HC 124: Healing Through the Human Energy Field.

A course description says:

2 Credits. Introduction to working with the human energy field.

This sounds suspiciously like the "Therapeutic Touch" (TT) quackery
that has permeated the nursing field in this country, has been so
widely accepted as genuine, and is eagerly supported by the feminist
movement as a furtherance of "feminine empowerment." In my opinion,
the embrace of TT is a blunder by the feminists.

This is far from a unique situation; such courses are being offered by
many schools. (Please see the last paragraph in this posting.)

A few years ago, I dropped my support of the Gay Men's Health group,
who were doing a great job of effectively bringing the AIDS plague to
the attention of the government and the public, when they announced
that they were spending their funds on acupuncture, TT, chiropractic
and other popular forms of baseless treatment.

I felt the same last night when my local PBS channel here in Florida
used the current champion of all quacks, Deepak Chopra, to misinform
viewers as bait for a fund-raising campaign. As I wrote here
previously, I've withdrawn my support of this station, in protest.
When I so informed the station manager, my letter was ignored.

I urge you all to make your feelings known to fund-raisers and
educators when you become aware of such crap being offered. I've made
it VERY plain, as you can see.

And -- if any of you become aware of this sort of nonsense --
questionable school offerings, pseudoscience being pushed in any
public venue -- please let me know. In another month, I'll have a
need to get all such material together for a major presentation.
Also, if you can, provide me with references so that I can check out
any information you provide. Thanks!

Meanwhile, back in Japan: Minutes after I sent the finish to the
Takahashi matter to the list, I got a call asking me if I'd go to
Japan, anyway. And -- wonder of wonders -- Takahashi just might be
the testee, despite all I reported! Stay tuned for developments in
this drama -- which is sounding more and more like a really bad soap

James Randi


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