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Thu, 21 Mar 1996 02:11:10 -0500

Well, after many changes, delays, negotiations and misunderstandings,
the encounter in Tokyo with Mai Takahashi is now scheduled for March
25th. I leave tomorrow.

We have agreed that no scientists or skeptics will be invited to
attend the taping. The producer will not guarantee that any of my
input will be used, and Ms. Takahashi will be free to operate as she
wishes. In essence, I am attending a magic show. And that's just
fine with me. I like a magic show. Whether the producers will do
creative editing to skew the results, remains to be seen.

This will be a demonstration, nothing more. I expect that I will see
the performance of a trick that will succeed under loose conditions,
and that will fail under the very minimal controls that I will be
allowed to impose.

Many of you have expressed dismay that I would be involved in such a
production. But consider this: if I'm NOT involved, Takahashi runs
away with the prize and I am branded as a coward who dared not test
her. If I AM involved, at least I'll be able to state my opinions on
the matter and then stand back to see if they get on the program.

We'll see, won't we? If I'd had the opportunity to do this when
Geller was making his move to become the Psychic Superstar -- and
don't forget, he lasted almost twenty years! -- perhaps he would have
had to look further for gullible scientists who would endorse him. Of
course, all novas fade.....

James Randi


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