Typical nut stuff....

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:42:55 -0400

And you thought that I got dull mail....!

This arrived this morning. What a way to start the day. Will these
nuits ever go away? This is a perfect example of a faulty argument
that goes in circles and proves itself by what it is trying to
establish. Read this only if you're in need of a cathartic....


First, I appreciate what you are doing. I am a fellow Canadian like
yourself interested in the supernatural. I take a Christian
Fundamentalist view with the Bible as my guide to the Supernatural. I
am a strong adherent to the belief in demonic possession. Biblically,
as you are well aware of no doubt, the belief is that the earth is
infested with numerous superintelligent and superpowerful invisible
entities intent on undermining the will of a Heavenly loving
God. Their goals include to remain invisible and at the same time in
their cunningness enforce the belief that they do not exist. What can
be more powerful than one army (humans) not knowing that the other
army (demonic forces) exist? They will be completely unprepared for
such attacks and even attribute such attacks to other causes.

They may appear at times to lead others astray. For example at the
parapsychological institutes there is reported evidences (scientific)
of supernatural powers such as ESP. However, when James Randi comes
along these demons will not exhibit their powers under conditions
which would cause wide spread publicity. I am very confident that
these super demonic forces would never manifest themselves to expose
their powers to widespread publicity. What this would mean is that
people would come to accept from a scientific perspective -
demons......and if there are demons there must be a God...and if there
is a God we better seek him because we may be going to hell. Demons
don't want this they want all of us going to hell. Biblically this is
the view at least. So don't worry, your cash is safe. I have seen
demonic possession and men thrown twenty feet across the room and have
heard of Christian pastors who have experienced levitations of the
supposedly demonically possessed. However, if you were an incredibly
intelligent entity and knew James Randi was going to expose you would
you demonically possess an individual?. Remember, we are talking about
superintelligent creatures here who know things days, months if not
years ahead of when they occur.

If you keep that mindset in place, then you will find alot of things
start to make sense. A lot of events which appear mysterious can be
explained by scientific research. For example, the Bermuda Triangle
which has the same number of "weird" plane crashes as similar areas
around the world. We as humans have an intense hunger to believe in
other worldly phenomenon-this can be addressed from many perspectives
(psychological needs etc.). Here is my challenge. I betcha don't take
it because some demonic force will talk you into not doing. However,
until you do you will not have investigated every angle and bias would
be evident in your scientific methodology. Here it is. Take a drive to
your nearest Christian church, I would recommend a Baptist or
Evangelical church and talk to a pastor and ask him you want to become
a Christian and have a PURE HOLY SUPERNATURAL force (The Holy Spirit)
enter your body and become a born-again Christian. Guess What? You
will experience a supernatural event. You will experience side effects
which will be hard to measure scientifically as this is only a case
example but you will know the existence of the Holy Spirit and others
will see a difference in you. Your face might change (become more soft
and caring) or if you have certain addictions these might disappear or
if you cuss alot this will go away etc but God will show you that he
does exist. Once again you will come up with a whole host of reasons
but think of this as just a few seconds out of your time to disprove
the most fundamental truths in the most popular and read book in the
history of mankind. Why don't you challenge God to make himself known
to you to talk to you personally in only a way he can do becuse if a
God exists - a Christian God- he knows you better then you know
yourself and will make you stand up and take notice. God Bless.



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