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The "faith healer" I mentioned recently was W.V.Grant, who I exposed years ago
in my book, "The Faith Healers." The FBI/IRS got him on income tax charges, not
on being a swindler of innocent dupes. I note that when NBC-TV's "Prime Time
Live" ran an expose on Grant a few nights ago, they neglected to mention my book
or my work on the subject, as they failed similarly when they ran an expose on
Peter Popoff. Diane Sawyer would have viewers believe that she did the
research, when all she had to do was turn a few pages of my book. Very
annoying, as was the movie "Leap of Faith," also based on that same book....


The Pigasus Prize now stands at 241 persons in 15 countries who have pledged
US$621,000, as of today.

We are negotiating for our home office of the James Randi Educational
Foundation, and expect the deal to be settled shortly, when all parties come to
an understanding. We are still encouraging the donation of books, videotapes,
clippings, etc. for the library, and remember, all contributions to the
Foundation (a 501-c-3 charity) are tax-deductable. A reasonable evaluation of
the contribution will be made, and a receipt sent to you for an IRS

It appears that we will shortly be closing the deal for a home office to house
the James Randi Educational Foundation. I have here a stack of offers from a
number of you who have offered your expertise to help us get off the ground, and
that is very satisfying indeed. Now, we're casting about for some one who will
take on the important job of designing a letterhead (the logo project is well
underway) and business cards, etc. That's one need we have.

Another need is for information on a book-binding service. Do any of you know
of a good agency that can re-bind old books? Sturdy hard covers for worn
volumes are required, to properly present a number of books in our
rapidly-forming library.

And please don't forget that any books on supernatural, occult,
paranormal, or pseudoscientific subjects -- as well as skeptical ones,
of course! -- are sought for our shelves. Donations are solicited --
contributions to the Foundation (a 501-c-3 charity) are
tax-deductable. A reasonable evaluation of the contribution will be
made and a receipt sent to you for an IRS tax-exemption.

If there are any materials that you think the Foundation might be able
to use, we'd like to hear from you. All ideas and offers are welcome.

Thank you all for your warm expressions of acceptance, your kind
observations, and your good wishes. This is a huge project, and every
boost is gratefully accepted.

James Randi.


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