Important Announcement...

Scott Ballantyne (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 03:00:49 -0400

Effective July 1, the method of reaching James Randi will change. Mail
about the following topics:

(1) the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

(2) the 2000 Club

(3) the Pigasus Challenge

(4) lecture information

should be sent to

Mail not on the topics above or of a personal nature may be sent
directly to Randi at:

The randi-hotline mailings will continue to originate from
until further notice, but beginning on July 1st, mail sent to will be automatically forwarded to the address.

Please also note that the James Randi home page has been incorporated
into the James Randi Educational Foundation home page at:

This last change is already in effect.

As always, thanks for the tremendous support and enthusiasm that all
readers of this list have shown.

Scott (Moderator Randi Hotline)