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Mon, 26 Aug 1996 03:33:46 -0400

Another Act in the Quadro Drama....

Some months back, I discussed the silly device known as the "Quadro"
rod, a stick that claimed to be means of detecting golf balls, guns,
and drugs at a distance by super-technology invented and offered for
sale by the Quadro Corporation of Harleyville, S.C.

AP has just announced that the FBI have indicted

Wade L. Quattlebaum
Raymond L. Fisk
Malcolm S. Rowe
and William J. Long

-- the officers of the corporation -- on mail fraud charges. And I have a
couple of comments on that, which their attorney just might like to know about.

I think those charges are unjustified. Despite the fact that I long
ago notified the first three of these gentlemen about the true nature
of their "invention," and that their grasp of science was
non-existent, I really believe that they all were then and still are
now convinced that it works. They're simply ignorant of how the real
world works, and about how they should have gone about testing the
thing. And if that's true, they cannot be properly charged with
fraud, but only with being not very bright -- a charge that could be
brought against many of us.

I'd be willing to appear in court on behalf of these defendants and
testify that, incredible as it may seem, they probably thought that a
"chip" made of a scrap of paper could be as effective as an actual
computer chip produced by modern technology, that they believed their
own constant rationalizations for the 100% failures of the Quadro when
tested double-blind, and that their abysmal ignorance of electronics
is genuine.

But, I must admit that it's hard to explain why they refused my offer
of (at that time) $475,000 for ONE simple demo of the thing. And I
recall that Quattlebaum, the "inventor" of the Quadro, wrote me that

[the officers of Quadro Corp.] may call upon your
magical powers to get us out of jail, if the device is
not what we claim it is.

If convicted, the Quadro four face up to five years in prison and
$250,000 fine on each count of the indictment. And I won't be

James Randi.

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