The response....

James Randi --- Wizard (
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 02:15:50 -0400

Damn! I should have known better than to ask such smart folks for
suggestions! The menu I can choose from is now so vast, that I may go

Many suggestions were incredibly apt, cute, clever, and good. But, I
fear, not easily graspable by those who would sit across from a
dedicated skeptic. Example, from Jerry Andrus:

I'm an in psi doubter.

Really good and useable:

Contents: coffee. Unless better
evidence is presented.
(from Mika Tuomola)

I'm so skeptical I can hardly
believe it!
(originator: Chip Denman)

In a previous life, this mug was a
precious Ming dynasty vase.
(Brian Siano)

this side of the mug was intentionally
left blank.
(Bob Steiner)

My buddy was adducted by a UFO,
taken to Venus, and medically
examined in weird ways. And all
I got was this lousy mug.
(Mitch Grunat)

I think the UFO one might win....

Sincere thanks to all of you who troubled to send in suggestions. We had a
great time going through them, and lots of laughs.

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