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The first 2 paragraphs of what follows is only for those of you in the
USA and Canada....

On Thursday the 26th (tomorrow) at 10 p.m. EST, on ABC, Hugh Downs
will take us on a trip to the outer limits of alternative medicine on
the weekly magazine show, Turning Point. From all indications, this
one is not going to be skeptical. Please tune in and resolve to write
(postal or e-mail or fax) to the producers with your reaction.

On Monday the 30th, the CBS This Morning show will run a 4-minute
piece on moi and the James Randi Educational Foundation. Should be --
but who knows -- a satisfactory bit. No exact time yet announced.

We now have 6 employees, having added Jennifer and Vic to the staff.
The library is in good shape, with the video section getting the next
attention. We're getting a lot of drop-ins to the office, several of
them folks who just want to donate books, videos and money! Most
welcome, of course.

The usual coffee-mugs, pens, T-shirts, etc., are in production.
Looking good.

We're now offering memberships in the JREF. This was prompted by the
fact that several of you have mailed in unsolicited donations. There
are four categories:

1. STUDENT With proof of student status US$25 annually

2. REGULAR MEMBER US$100 annually

3. PATRON US$1000 one-time

4. BENEFACTOR US$10,000 one-time

Patrons and benefactors automatically become Life Members. Students
and regular members pay annually. All these payments are tax
deductable, since the JREF is a 501(c)3 corporation. Membership #1
has already gone to Mike Epstein, and #2 to Bob Steiner. Who's next?

All members will receive our monthly newsletter, as soon as it begins
publication. We're getting it in shapre right now, so it can be
expected soon.

You'll also get a complimentary gift when you join. The choice is one
of the following:

(a) Official JREF ceramic coffee mug

(b) Official JREF pen. Good quality item.

(c) Autographed hard-cover copy of "The Mask of Nostradamus"
by James Randi.

(d) Official JREF T-shirt with hilarious stuff on it.
Large-size only.

We must admit that whimsical membership categories such as "Mocker,"
"Raised Eyebrow," "Doubting Thomas," and "Bah! Humbug!" entered the
discussion, but sober heads prevailed. Prizes such as Uri Geller
dart-boards and bottles of dehyrated homeopathic remedies were
suggested, but rejected. We have our moments.....

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