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Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:08:03 -0500

After all the ruckus on the inquiry I made re SRI, I'm a little
hesitant to ask another dumb question....but here goes.

Back in 1972-3, SRI (then known as Stanford Research Institute)
produced a short B&W 16mm film titled, "Experiments with Uri Geller."
It was shown at a seminar held at Columbia University in NYC, in March
of 1973. Does anyone out there know where I might obtain a copy of
this film? If it was paid for by government funds, I can go the
Freedom of Information route, but I'd have to have more information.
So, any information of any sort would be welcome.

Yes, I did ask at SRI. They mumbled about it being "20 years ago" and
don't think they can find anything for me. Of course, I'm not too
popular there, either, since I did a bit of whistle-blowing about a
few of their employees back in the 70s, but it might still be

Anyone able to offer input?
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