A matter of some interest . . . ?

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 08:01:16 -0500

I just got a letter from a TV science editor on whose program Uri
Geller recently appeared. Mr. Geller was here in the USA plugging up
his "Mind Power" kit, with the wondrous "Orange Dot" and a REAL!!!
quartz crystal. Yawn. He's now in Israel at a UFO conference, I'm
told. He has such a busy time keeping the world informed . . . .

The TV chap just might have stumbled onto something. Regarding
Mr. Geller doing his famous "curing appliances" demo, he wrote:

. . . . after the cure, during which Mr.
Geller demanded the defective
appliances "Work!", one woman,
dead on cue, called in to thank Mr.
G for the efficient repair of a kitchen
clock. Curiously, our producer noted
after the show, this woman called on
the master control room's hotline....
NOT the 800-number on the screen.
And the only person he could think of
that might have the hotline number
would be...Uri's publicist.

I find this most interesting indeed. But, as I've shown many times on
radio and TV, anyone who gets out there and says he can "cure"
appliances will be successful. Mind you, Mr. Geller says he does this
with some sort of supernatural power, and I just depend upon the
naivety of those who tune in and decide to believe -- and/or just go
along for the ride. I freely admit that Mr. Geller may be able to
bypass all the known laws of nature and science. But I assign that as
much likelihood as Chicken Little being right about the sky falling.

James Randi.