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James Randi --- Wizard (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 08:03:57 -0500

The ubiquitous "Riley" has been making lots of noise lately about his burning
ambition to win my challenge. Now, I've not just fallen out of an apple tree
yesterday. I'm rather aware of the risks in allowing the claimant to design his
own test. But I'll go along with doing something that has become accepted in
parapsychology as a standard, and "remote viewing" is one such notion. Riley
has postulated all sorts of scenarios, and recently one I've decided can be
properly controlled.

In his postings, Riley says interesting things like, " I will be keeping the
full amount of the challenge monies when I win, as Randi turned me down when I
said I would turn the bounty over to charity." Well, I never turned him down
for that reason, of course. He can buy a million dollars worth of dental floss
with the prize money, if he wishes. So long as he wins it, it's his.

Here's a copy of what I just sent to him, to try encouraging him to actually do
the test. I have a suspicion that he'll come up with yet another excuse, but
that, in itself, is interesting to observe. Don't you think?

CC: "Riley", 70524,1327

RE: Copy of: Challenge

"Riley": I note that you are trying to agree to take my challenge. If you will
send me the SSAE, I'll send you the form, you can fill it out and return it. I
have a site selected. Your proposed test sounds just fine, but of course you
cannot change any of the rules, as you've tried to do. I'll have time in
January to do the test.

Incidentally, since you've been talking about a "video crew" to validate the
original target, it occurred to me that some rascal might try to have an
assistant follow the crew to the target, and simply call in (by telephone,
radio, or one of those great ear-pieces!) the name of the location! Can you
imagine the perfidy of some people!!?? Of course, we'll get around that
possibility by having the crew out in a remote location, sent there in advance
of your arrival, and when we call them to go to the target location, they'll do
so. Then you'll correctly identify the target, right? (The proposed target
will be photographed and named in advance in a notarized document placed in a
secure location, so that no one can doubt that it was the correct one.)

Do let me know of your approval for this protocol.

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