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Wed, 22 Jan 1997 03:09:04 -0500

I'm leaving on the 22nd for the Hague -- with my good friend Jerry
Andrus, to open his "Illusions" show at the Museon there. I go thence
to Bergen, Trondheim, and Oslo, to lecture.

We've granted Curley an extra week to respond to the legal papers.

Memberships are coming in at a good rate, pledges are very close to
the one-million mark, and we've had some very flattering and exciting
offers of support and donations. The JREF book library is starting to
overflow onto the adjoining hall shelves, and our video
dubbing/digitalizing project will be underway as soon as Andy Harter
joins the staff on February 1st. The state-of-the-art video
technology we have in place is pretty startling, and the
20-25-year-old video tapes that we feared might be beyond salvaging,
are being "fluffed up" into pristine shape. There are some Geller
performances there that provide rather interesting data, all of which
will be the basis for a seminar designed to examine these matters.

Geller is making suing noises again, here (against me) and abroad as
well. We'll keep you informed as those matters proceed.

We're scripting our first video presentations, and Dave Steigleman --
an ex-NBC cameraman -- is setting up to begin shooting at the
beginning of February. We're very happy to have him aboard, and he's
taken over the design and wiring of our video network here. This will
enable us to pump video into monitors in every office and corner of
the headquarters, record from as many as four separate sources
simultaneously, and automatically receive and record video data.

The first issue of "Swift," the JREF newsletter, is shaping up rapidly
under the direction of Chip Denman. We expect it to be 16 pages, to
begin, and we've assembled articles from across the spectrum of
skepticism. It will grow into a full journal as soon as we've raised
the additional funding needed for that purpose.

Skeptic Magazine -- Michael Shermer's creation -- will run a full-page
ad for JREF membership, in its next issue -- due out very soon. You
should look into that publication. Excellent.

Paul Kurtz of CSICOP continues to improve after his bypass surgery,
and every effort is being made to keep him resting until he's fully
strong enough to resume his duties. He's a hard man to keep down, and
should be in full form soon.

Our architect has completed plans for the auditorium and experimental
lab we're building here at JREF, and city approval has been applied
for. Construction should begin shortly.

We're now staffed by six in-house employees, and one in Canada who
maintains our confidential database (randomized targets for psi-tests,

Within the next couple of months, I expect that I'll be able to
announce a substantial event that will just about double the size and
reach of the Foundation. It all depends upon certain decisions by
other agencies. Stay tuned!

James Randi

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