That tentative seminar....

James Randi --- Wizard (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 02:36:34 -0400

Due to some strange eccentricity of this system, it appears that some
of you did not receive a change that was sent out concerning the
planned seminar at the JREF. We'd originally suggested it might take
place in July, but there were some serious objections about how the
weather can be in Florida at that time of the year, and also another
logistical problem. We announced that Oct. 31-Nov. 2 is now the
probable date. And that way, we get to spend Hallowe'en together,

The reaction has been rather good, so this event will probably be a
reality. Definite notice will be given soon. Meanwhile, we're
getting together a schedule of sessions, largely suggested by your
postings in response to the notice we put out. I think this can be an
excellent interactive session that will set a standard for
investigating and evaluating psychic claims. We're all excited about
the potential for making our first-ever seminar a success.

Just today (Saturday) I attended a meeting of the American Physical
Society in Washington, D.C., to accept an award on behalf of Martin
Gardner, who was unable to attend in person. This man is one of the
heroes of the critical thinking movement, as you know, and for the APS
to give him their "Forum" Award is a substantial recognition of his
valued input to scientific and ethical pursuits. We congratulate
Martin, and thank him for his support.

More books are slowly coming in to the JREF, and we're adding to the
video library almost daily. Remember, books dealing with our subjects
of interest, as well as videos, are very welcome. If you manage to
tape any of the many "psychic" shows (interviews, news items,
documentaries, etc.) please contact us here to ask if we need copies.
We try to get as many as we can, but can't get 'em all.

Michael Shermer, of SKEPTIC magazine, has kindly agreed to work with
us in a unique fashion to produce and distribute the first issue of
SWIFT, the official newsletter of the JREF. It will be bound into the
next issue of SKEPTIC, and members/subscribers will receive the
combined issue. Also, in response to suggestions from you folks, we
are offering -- for a limited time only -- a half-price membership in
the JREF: the regular $100 "Individual" membership will be only $50.
I hope that you'll take advantage of this offer, and those who have
previously joined at that level will be credited will two years.

We're enthusiastic about SKEPTIC's involvement with the JREF, and we
encourage you to take a good look at this excellent publication.
These are good friends indeed.

That's all for now. More about the October seminar, very soon.

James Randi

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