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Alright, already! Notices have been pouring in here that you received
three copies of one of my recent postings. Sincere regrets. I often get
multiple postings, myself, and it's a nuisance. I'm looking into the
problem right now.

And, many of you pointed out that thos miraculous crystals that are said to
have been buried at the goalposts at the instructions of Uri Geller to save
the Exeter team from defeat, would of course work the opposite way when the
teams switched ends at half-time. My understanding was that there were
"tuned" crystals at BOTH ends, so this is a moot point. These mysterious
powers take years of study and self-denial to master, you know.

And, as a good friend points out to me, it's hardly sporting to call in
occult forces to help a team. It's supposed to be strength, skill,
stamina, and determination that win football games, isn't it? I'd say that
using witchcraft is simply CHEATING! However, judging from the effects
that Mr. Geller has been having on U.K. football, the "cursed" teams don't
have to worry much. In fact, these magical charms seem to work the wrong
way around.... Hmmmmm.

We in the USA can hardly point a finger of accusation. We're just as
naive. Teams here actually have chaplains who invoke prayers to various
gods to bring victory. What a dither the deities must be in, trying to
decide whose plea is the more deserving! But hey, the god business is a
tough one.

I'm now told that a character on the tedious soap opera "Melrose Place" had
a succinct comment on Mr. Geller recently. I'll report on that as soon as
I've seen the episode. I'm not a watcher of that sort of material, but I'm
amused to know that even these dippy characters have opinions on such

I'm also informed that Mr. Geller is still claiming that Stanford Research
Institute validated his powers. Not according to Stanford Research
Institute. But what would they know?

And, the recent lawsuit brought by Mr. Geller against me, in which his
colorful lawyer suggested to the judge that he issue an order for "the
confinement of James Randi," has been summarily dismissed. Gee, with
football and with lawsuits, Mr. Geller just seems to have no success at

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