The Plimer Case....

James Randi --- Wizard (
3 Jun 1997 03:15:55 -0000

Regrettably, I must tell you that Ian Plimer, who brought a suit
against a "creationist" in Australia for violating the Fair Trading
Act and Federal Trade Practices Act, has had his suit rejected. It
was an expensive and time-consuming process for Professor Plimer, who
is considering making an appeal.

The court found on Monday, June 2, that creationist Allen Roberts had
not been engaged in Trade and Commerce when he was conducting his
series of lectures in 1992. As a result, Ian Plimers action was

The court also found that Roberts had breached a copyright, and
penalized him A$2,500 for the illegal use of intellectual property, as
well as that he had "misled and deceived by statements made in his
public lectures" but that this was not conducted in pursuit of trade,
and thus not covered by the above-quoted acts.

Ian Plimer certainly deserves our support. He went out on the limb,
and in my opinion the court failed to support his just cause. If you
wish to help him in meeting his costs, I urge you to contact Barry
Williams at for that purpose. The JREF has
already contributed to this effort.

We thank Barry Williams of the Australian Skeptics for this

James Randi