An interesting project for us....?

James Randi --- Wizard (
11 Jun 1997 21:48:24 -0000

The present codes-in-the-Bible crap needs some refutation. I'm going
to propose an experiment: I'll send to anyone who requests it, a
matrix of letters (English) and ask that a search be made for ANY
historical event.

Now, the one that's getting Oprah and New York Times attention, is A
LOT easier, because in Hebrew didn't write out vowels. So, there will
be no vowels in the matrix I'll send, either. Insert your own. Going
forward or backward, up or down, straight or diagonally, just come up
with three or four words that can be seen as predictions of real
events. Example: "oklahoma, bomb, terror." (That would be "klhm,
bmb, trrr," in this find-anything notion.) Let's see what we can come
up with, and THEN I'll tell you where the text came from.....

Just reply with SEND TEXT, and give me your mailing address (postal!)
so I can send out a printed version, OR ask for it over e-mail, in
which case you'll have to arrange it yourself.