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James Randi --- Wizard (
27 Jun 1997 05:55:50 -0000

Well, it had to happen. After 31 years off the radio, I got an offer
to get back on, one day a week. Starting this Sunday, June 29th at 8
p.m., I'll be on WIOD, 610AM. It'll be two hours of my typical tirade,
call-ins, and guests. How brave these folks are.

Station WIOD covers most of Florida, so it's effectively a "local"
show. Within a couple of weeks, we'll be looking into the syndication
possibilities as well.

Back in 1965-66 I was on WOR-Radio (FM & AM) from midnight to 5 a.m.,
five days a week and a repeat on Saturdays -- actually Sunday morning,
if you follow what I mean. I hope I remember how to speak into a
microphone. We'll see....

So, those of you who can reach that far, please tune in and give me
your feedback.


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