Various and sundry Errata...

James Randi --- Wizard (
9 Aug 1997 03:18:30 -0000

Thanks for the wonderful response to the workshop/seminar
announcement. The date of the even was inadvertantly left out It will
occur October 31---November 2, 1997.

We reported on April 1, 1997 that one of the recipients of our Pigasus
award went to Robert Bigelow, of the Bigelow Tea Company. We've since
learned that this Robert Bigelow is a real estate dealer, not
connected with the Bigelow Tea Company, and we apologize for any
misunderstanding we may have caused.

Finally, in the message `Scary`, I should have specified "magnetic
North Pole," of course. Careless omission. And, since I didn't have
the pi reference at hand, I got the wrong state. Correspondent Tom
Bessoir writes:

> . . . it was Indiana, not Oregon.
>It was Bill No. 246, Indiana State
>Legislature, 1897. The bill was
>introduced by Taylor I. Record,
>Representative of Posey County,
>Indiana on January 18, 1897. The
>bill was authored by Edwin J.
>Goodman, M.D., of Solitude, Posey
>County, Indiana. The bill was
>titled, "A bill introducing the
>new Mathematical truth."

Maybe they're right about my needing a keeper....