James Randi --- Wizard (
8 Oct 1997 06:18:49 -0000

I'm in Australia at the moment. Return 13th Oct. While away, I was
informed that radio station WIOD has undergone a complete personnel
shakeup, and all on-air personalities have been dropped. That
includes me.... So I'll no longer be heard Sunday nights carrying on.
Sigh. But there are other stations, and we're looking around.

Very shortly, we'll have an "ESP Card Game" up on the web page.
Courtesy of Chip Denman and the creator -- about whom you'll hear more
-- you'll be able to try a variety of "ESP" tests, and the data
obtained will all be retained -- anonymously, if you wish -- and we'll
accumulate an enormous data base. More will follow with details of
this exciting addition.

If you're intending to attend the October 31st-November 2nd Workshop
in Florida, please get to us real quick. We're working on an exciting
set of "psychic" demos for you to solve, and this should send you away
better prepared to figure these things out. Call (954) 467 1112, and
ask for Geri.

The sole dowser we had asked to be there, has cancelled. He was asked
to demonstrate his powers to you, but he preferred to just talk about
"vortexes" and the "unexplainable" movements of his stick. I insisted
on a demo, and he balked.

On a secret mission in Australia. All will be revealed in a week or


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