Minor Victory in Australia

James Randi --- Wizard (JREFInfo@ssr.com)
18 Nov 1997 05:49:30 -0000

Barry Williams, of the very active and effective Australian Skeptics
group, has forwarded this news release, which I will share with

Australian Skeptics is celebrating a tactical victory over the
main creationist propaganda organization in Australia. The
Queensland-based Creation Science Foundation, which has, for around
twenty years, spearheaded the promotion of the anti-scientific dogma
of creation "science" in Australian schools, has just announced that
henceforth the organization will do business under the name "Answers
in Genesis."
By removing any reference to science from its title, and by
adopting its new name, the group is finally acknowledging what
Australian Skeptics has always maintained, that the CSF/AIG represents
only a peculiarly narrow fundamentalist religious dogma, which has
nothing whatever to do with science.
AIG, announcing its conversion to a more honest title in its
publication "Prayer News," claimed that its US offshoot, the
Kentucky-based "Answers in Genesis," set up by former CSF director Ken
Ham, had had success under the new name and that all of their
associated "ministries" would now use this title. In what was no
doubt unconscious irony, it also claimed that the new name will be
"less easily confused, even unconsciously, with cultic groups like
`Christian Science' and `Scientology'."
Australian Skeptics, while regarding this belated change as a
tactical victory, will nevertheless maintain its vigilance and
opposition to any future attempts by the creationist minority, under
whatever name, to seek to inject their intellectually barren dogma
into school curricula. We also expect that this move will stimulate
some more vigorous opposition to the creationist propaganda from
Australia's mainstream religions, now that they are being directly
challenged on their own turf.

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