SWIFT Delayed/Diana prediction

James Randi --- Wizard (JREFInfo@ssr.com)
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 03:38:54 -0800 (PST)

To those of you who are subscribers to SWIFT -- or members of JREF,
which automatically puts you among the anointed -- this is to inform
you that the currently-due issue is late. It will materialize
shortly. We have three major projects going here at JREF, and that's
distracted us from regular duties. You'll hear about the projects in
due time. Claimants for the Pigasus Prize number about 30, currently,
though there's no sign that any of them will be actually be tested,
due to the insistence on special conditions, exceptions to the rules,
and other demands made on us by those who balk at abiding by the
requirements, then often declare that they were refused a chance to
win the prize.

So, SWIFT III will be along very soon. And we'll try to make up the
gap by getting SWIFT IV out much sooner, and we'll be back on

And, if you're a reader of this note, and you're not a member of JREF
or at least a subscriber to SWIFT, please consider supporting us by
sending in your contribution. We work in the name of each member and
subscriber, and to ensure that the message is being heard out there,
we need each of you to join us.

On another note, and just to show you the kind of nuttery I have to
handle every day, peruse the following verse, in which the sender has
discovered a prophecy of Diana's fatal car accident. This ghastly
"poetry" was sent to me with no spacing between sentences or phrases,
almost unreadable. I correctly that, but left the spelling and
punctuation errors, as well as the bad grammar. Try to find the event
in this mess....

A properly spoken language about the world spread,
Yet a kingdom no longer causing fear and dread.
Your princes no place their sins to hide,
The church of England with Rome's doctrine to abide.

The young prince of this land abdicates,
England's warm heart's his brother awaits.
Powerful investments strengthening the market.
Britain's laws will leave it no terrorist's target.

Other's from you greatly learn
How on terrorist's the tables to turn.
Queen shall be resting at her graveside,
Royal family to continue by devine right.

This house of England shall not fall, nor shall at this time falter;
though for a time it remains without power,and this we shall not alter.
The depression brought to an end in mining counties
Upon all laborer's table's great abundance and bounties,

6rom investment the land shall surely prosper.
Strength to Engles as a part of Europe's roster.
A fire burning bright in the church.
Question who lit the torch?

The house dismayed at ettiquette broken,
prime minister shall be duly outspoken.
Money no longer embezzled.

Yes, it ends right there. A closing line? How about, "All the
readers puzzled"?

Okay. I read it all. I don't see "princess," "Diana," "accident,"
"car," "France," "Paris," "dead," "killed," or ANYTHING that even
SUGGESTS the event the goof says is written here.

I've got to get a life. I'm too old for this juvenile stuff.

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