The Brazilian "healer"

James Randi --- Wizard (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:57:38 -0800 (PST)

You will recall that I was sent a videotape of a Brazilian "healer" by
Andrew Weil, M.D. I also received letters from a chap who wanted me
to talk his people from going all the way there to be healed. Today I
heard from him. His letter follows.

Dear Randi,

My parents have just returned From Brazil while there they went
with a group of 48 people from Australia, Britain and America to see
Joao the miracle man. The trip was organized from Australia by Robert
Pellegrino-Estrich, who as you know is the man who produced the book
and video. This is what my parents saw:

Robert's sister-in-law had a visible operation, had 6 tumours
removed, other people in the group had real tumours and serious
illnesses and were pushed aside to have invisible operations. One
woman slipped on wet tiles and was knocked unconscious, the so-called
believers rushed over to do a laying on of hands she was taken to
Joao's clinic. On return to the village from the clinic after 2 days
she told my parents and 2 other people that she could not stop
vomiting so they had called a doctor in and he gave her an injection
and some tablets and checked her every hour. It is strange that a man
can remove tumours from every part of the body but cannot fix an upset
There were 2 people in the group in wheelchairs to this day they
are still in wheelchairs. One American man was so ill from cancer
that he barely made the flight from the USA. Each day that went by
his condition worsened and my parents were told that he could not be
healed but that he would be helped to pass over to the other side.
Another Australian in the group has spinal cancer was told he had to
stay a further 2 weeks for treatment he stopped chemotherapy in order
to go (the reason they kept him back was he still had money). The
American and Australian will probably not return home alive.
My parents and some others are quite definite in stating that the
man is worse than a fake. He is actually a deadly dangerous charlatan
who preys upon the terminally ill. You have said you were going to
put a team together to investigate. Please do so Randi. You will
save lives as well as expose these twisted moneygrabbersE Joao, Robert
and his wife and others are all in it together. Thank you for your

P.S. if you go there you will be watched and listened to. Be


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