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James Randi --- Wizard (
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 22:47:46 -0800 (PST)

Just as a Michael Olson announces to me that he is about to take the
200 Club prize with a perpetual motion machine which he's made, comes
news about what I've come to call, "perpetual emotion." You may
recall the Quadro Detector, a phony device which turned out to be
nothing more than a dowsing rod with pretensions to being electronic
and scientific. It took a nose-dive after the JREF exposed it as a
fake, in April of 1996.

Well, it didn't quite go away. The FBI, who obtained injunctions
against the Quadro continuing to be sold, tried to list every variety
of model put out by the "inventor" Wade Quattlebaum, including one of
the most popular numbers, the "CDF" model. "CDF" stands for "Coon Dog
Finder." Honest, folks, I don't make this up! It was supposed to do
just what its name implied -- but of course it didn't. The FBI missed
listing the "GBF" model in its injunction, and it is now being sold by
an Ed Anderson of Minnesota Global, Inc., peddling it via the Internet
and in pro golf shops. "GBF" stands for "Golf Ball Finder". Did I
mention that I don't make this up?

Do take a look at and see the blurb for this
fakeroony gadget, along with nine exuberant endorsements from
initials-only customers. One reads: "Yes, it works!!! And very
good." Perhaps a hint at the truth is inadvertently expressed by a
bit of copy that occurs on that page: "When used properly, you'll be
able to find golf balls...." I'd say that when "used" properly, you
get hornswoggled.

Well, I'm hereby offering the US$1.1 million prize of this Foundation
to Mr. Ed Anderson of Minnesota Global, Inc. As follows: If
Mr. Anderson can show an impartial panel of observers that the
"amazing, incredible golf ball finder" (copy from his ad) works as
advertised on his web page advertisement, in a simple double-blind
test which we can agree upon, I will award him the US$1.1 million
prize of the 2000 Club, as described on my web page at His advertisement states, "Don't laugh! It
works when used properly." In view of that statement, I agree that
Mr. Anderson himself -- or any properly trained and proficient person
chosen by him -- may be the operator of the "amazing, incredible golf
ball finder" in such a test. I promise that an editor of TIME
Magazine, as well as at least two other prominent observers, will be
present, and the TIME Magazine person has agreed that an article will
be prepared and presented to the magazine for publication.

We will await Mr. Anderson's response -- if any, ever -- with great

James Randi.

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