A response!

James Randi --- Wizard (JREFInfo@ssr.com)
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 22:28:27 -0800 (PST)

Well, Ed Anderson surprised me! It seems he actually believes
that the Golf Ball Finder (GBF) works! He answered me, telling me
that he had no interest in my prize money. He wrote: "I was a bit
dismayed about your caustic reply relative the the Golf Ball Finder,
however...... Yes, I'm familiar with Quadro but I can see where they
did get into trouble with their drug detector, especially where it
would invade a person's privacy via probable cause." Well, yes. The
Quadro didn't find anything, any more than the GBF can, but police
officers who used it to search, had no "probable cause" to do so. It
wasn't stopped because of that, though, but because it was a fake.
"I do appreciate your fervor in uncovering frauds,"
Mr. Anderson continued, "but the Golfinder is not a fraud. Forget
about your $1mm dollar prize. What I would be willing to do is go
through our customer list and have a customer nearby you give you a
personal demonstration." I accepted this with no problem. But I
wrote him, "Fine! Any time! And if the thing works, I'll give the
$1.1 million to any charity that you or the person designates. Fair
enough?" I'm awaiting an answer to that.
He continued: "But there is a catch. You must have an open
mind." Answered I, "Hold on. What has my attitude or opinion got to
do with it? Either it works, or it doesn't. Please explain." This,
too, I await an answer on. in Closing, from Mr. Anderson: "This
should convince you and your fervor could help this project a long way
along." Eddie, if the demo is a success, I'll push a golfball --
recovered by the GBF -- all the way across from highway A1A in Fort
Lauderdale, to the edge of the ocean -- with my nose. And I'll give
the prize as you direct. Fair enough?
And there it stands. Will Ed take up the challenge? Will I
get sand up my nose? Or will ed not find a brave soul to do the demo?
Incidentally, so that Ed will know, my test would be to place
a golf ball into one of ten identical, plain, cardboard boxes, and
arrange them in a row, then have Ed or his appointed demonstrator find
it with the GBF. If he should get it correct five times in a row, I
would be convinced.
What say, Ed?
James Randi

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