Environmental protection: the silly side.

James Randi --- Wizard (JREFInfo@ssr.com)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 10:50:25 -0500 (EST)

There exists an "Institute of Ecolomics" for which actor Dennis Weaver
is the president. On the surface, as `with so many of these
inventively-titled groups, it seems to have the very worthy objectives
of making ecologically beneficial activities economically attractive.

All that glowing promise was destroyed when Weaver appeared on a
L.A.-based TV show to announce that he's promoting the use of a
magnetic device which is fitted to automobile fuel systems, and
"changes the molecular structure of fuel to improve power and clean up
the emissions." He said that he has one on his car, and that it had
reduced the CO [carbon monoxide] emissions from 10,000 ppm, to 30 ppm.
He gushed that "if everyone in Los Angeles fitted one of these
wonderful devices, the smog problem would go away overnight."

Weaver is probably referring to one of these quack devices like
"Inset," that has been definitively tested by the New Jersey Institute
of Technology, and found to be a total failure. Not to our surprise,
the Inset owners are now suing the NJIT for announcing their findings.
Once more, or should I say, still, we're faced by the use of
litigation to re-write history and erase the truth -- truth which is
inconvenient and troublesome, and thus not tolerable in this
politically correct society.

When will the law cease to be an instrument of vengeance, and begin to
serve the cause of justice?


(Thanks to Roger F. Wells for bringing the Weaver matter to our attention.)

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