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James Randi --- Wizard (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 01:48:41 -0400 (EDT)

I've had excellent reaction to the fact that Prof. Marvin Minsky of
MIT will be addressing us at the "Media, Myth & Magic" conference next
month. Marvin is an old friend, an interesting chap in many ways.
He's the kind of academic that many would assume believes in
paranormal claims, but while imaginative and adventuresome to a high
degree, he also has a firmly realistic and pragmatic attitude about
how the world works. Remember, the conference is August 6th through
9th, and reservations can be made by calling 1-888-USA-JREF,

News: Bob Park, who labors mightily in the cause of rationality on
behalf of the American Physical Society (that's physics, not a health
club!) will be another featured speaker at the "Media, Myth & Magic"
conference at the JREF! Bob writes an e-mail newsletter for the APS,
and has been confronting the pseudoscientists and the quacks for
decades now. I can't wait to see the sparks between Park, Pohl, and
Minsky. And no, that's not a legal firm. They're all real,
important, folks. Jack Horkheimer will be another an eager hanger-on
when PP&M get into gear!

Michael Shermer, of SKEPTIC Magazine, is preparing yet another book,
"Why People Believe in God." Which "god" he doesn't say. Athena?
Thor? Manitou? One wonders.... But at the MM&M conference, you can
ask him, yourself.

1-888-USA-JREF. Or did I already mention that....?

I got a rather fussy note from a chap who chided us for charging $199
registration rather than an even $200. I can sort of sympathize with
that feeling, being a bit annoyed at gasoline prices of $1.39 9/10 a
gallon. But I've never assumed that attendees at our conference
couldn't calculate that the diference is 1/2 of 1%. If any of you
were distraught over this pricing, I apologize....

Last week, I went to a seminar held by Edward Tufte, of Yale
University. Damn, but it was good! I learned a lot, was rewarded
immensely by the experience, and was even asked to contribute a few of
my own ad lib thoughts to his address. If you haven't see any of
Tufte's books, haste ye to a bookstore. Good buddy Jamy Ian Swiss
arranged for me to attend, and I owe him one. That was a RICH
day-long session, believe me.

It means a complete rehaul of the JREF web page. See? I learned my


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