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Tue, 7 Jul 1998 21:02:05 -0400 (EDT)

I've been very silent on the matter of Randi vs. Curley vs. Randi, in
accordance with my lawyers' instructions. No more. I was informed
this morning that Curley has died. No more details than that, but it
obviously changes the picture somewhat.

The new SWIFT is at the printer, and it looks good. Will be in the
mail just as fast as we can get it in there.

I'm getting a raft of claimants from Russia! It seems that the 2000
Club challenge was published there in some esoteric periodical, and
now we receive several letters a week -- in the Cyrillic alphabet --
and one of our volunteer translators tells us what the claims are.
Weird! The vast majority are healing claims, and new theories to
oppose the heliocentric system. Most quite untestable. But we
respond to each in a sympathetic and proper manner.

Just informed by Massimo Polidoro, our European representative, that
two of my books -- Flim-Flam! and The Mask of Nostradamus -- will be
published shortly in Italian. That makes nine languages -- English,
Spanish, French, Polish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese
-- in which my books have appeared! Not yet in Japanese....

Very busy here at JREF, preparing for the August conference. If you
don't have your reservations, please get them in here ASAP. Adding
Bob Park of the American Physical Society has sparked additional
interest. Bob is a feisty guy, impatient with all the nonsense out
there and particularly astonished at the number of physicists who fall
for pseudoscience. I got a mass of paper from a set of psychologists
(with NO experience nor expertise in electronics or electrical
engineering) who have -- in effect -- rediscovered the Theramin, but
without the music. (Look it up.) It appears that they think this
might meet the requirements for the 200 Club prize.

I don't think so.

Per ardua ad astra.

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