The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound

by Anthony F. Buzzard and Charles F. Hunting

      This important work is a detailed biblical investigation of the relationship of Jesus to the one God of Israel. The authors challenge the notion that biblical monotheism is legitimately represented by a Trinitarian view of God and demonstrate that within the bounds of the canon of Scripture Jesus is confessed as Messiah, Son of God, but not God Himself. Later Christological developments beginning in the second century, and under the influence of pagan Gnosticism, misrepresented the biblical doctrine of God and Christ by altering the terms of the biblical presentation of the Father and the Son. This fateful development laid the foundation of a revised, unscriptural creed which needs to be challenged. This book provides a definitive presentation of a Christology rooted in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The authors present a sharply-argued appeal for an understanding of God and Jesus in the context of Christianity's original, apostolic, unitary monotheism.




I. The God of the Jews

II. Jesus and the God of the Jews

III. Did Jesus' Followers Think He Was God?

IV. Paul and the Trinity

V. From the Hebrew World of the Bible to the Twentieth Century via Greek Philosophy

VI. The Trinity and Politics

VII. The Nature of Preexistence in the New Testament

VIII. John, Preexistence and the Trinity

IX. The Holy Spirit: A Third Person or God in Action?

X. The Conflict over the Trinity in Church History and the Current Debate

XI. The Challenge Facing Trinitarianism Today

XII. Have We Bartered for Another God?

XIII. An Appeal for a Return to the Biblical Christ

XIV. Epilogue: Believing the Words of Jesus


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378 pages

ISBN 1-57309-309-2  $12

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