Restoration Fellowship

Restoration Fellowship is dedicated to recovering the beliefs of the first-century disciples of Jesus, the Messiah. Our premise is that apostolic faith was adversely affected by Greek philosophical and Gnostic tendencies which from the second century confused the original Hebrew-oriented doctrines of the Bible. Many Bible readers inadvertently bring these philosophical presuppositions to the study of the Scripture and are thus hampered in their attempt to understand the text in its own environment.

Sound theology begins with the creed to which Jesus subscribed in Mark 12:28ff. -- the creed of Israel (Deut. 6:4) and the Gospel about the Kingdom (Mark 1:14, 15). Jesus commanded belief in that Gospel Message in contrast to much modern evangelism which often ignores Jesus' Message about the Kingdom of God. Frequently, modern evangelism draws heavily on isolated texts of Paul and misinterprets them. A reassertion of the Hebrew orientation of the Bible (both Testaments) and the primary witness of Matthew, Mark and Luke can reinstate the teaching of Jesus' Kingdom Message in the central position which it enjoys both in the prophets of Israel and the New Testament. John's Gospel should not be read in isolation from its Hebrew background. John's own warning in 2 John 7-9 cautions us that only those who bring the teaching of Jesus, the Messiah are true disciples.

Restoration Fellowship was founded by Sir Anthony Buzzard, Bt., MA (Oxon.) MA Th. in 1981. The subject matter of our literature is not new and has been held by small groups of believers throughout the centuries, notably by some Anabaptists and the Church of God General Conference whose headquarters and college, Atlanta Bible College, are now located in Morrow, GA, USA.

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