Early Material on Aquatic Subjects
(Published before 1950)

Brind, Walter L, 1931‑1934 BRIND MONOGRAPHS.   A nicely bound, photocopied set of his 4‑page monographs,  ‑ 19 in all: The New Aquarium & Its Inhabitants; Fighting Fish;   Swordtail Fish;  Aquatic Plant Life;   The Barbs;  The Tetras;  Labyrinth Fish;  Guppies, Platies and their Relatives;  Advice to Aquarists;   Living Fish Foods;  Popular Pet Fish;   Diseases of Fish;  Angel Fish & Allied Species;  Zebra Fish;   Peaceful Platties & Other Livebearers;   All About Guppies;   Fishes in Aquaria;   Odd or Fantastic Fish;   The Practical Fish Fancier.   $35

Investigations of the Aquatic Resources and Fisheries of Porto Rico by The US Fish Commission Steamer Fish hawk in 1899. Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, Vol. XX for 1900 Second Part , 1902.  429 pp. large number of plates. $65

Butler, Henry D. The Family Aquarium; or, Aqua Vivarium. A New Pleasure For The Domestic Circle: Being a Familiar And Complete Instructor Upon The

Subject of the construction, fitting‑up, stocking, and maintenance of the Fluvial and Marine Aquaria,.. Dick & Fitzgerald New York (1858) Brown pressed cloth with gilt to front cover & cloth Pp.viii‑121,(7p. of ads.) Color frontis & numerous color illus. 8vo. Edges worn, first signature lose,  a bit of foxing on the title page and less on the next few pages. Apparently, something was inserted there and the acid leached thru. The color plate has a stamp of Lewi's Bird and Seed Store, 478 Broadway NY. $225

Edwards. Life Beneath the Waters, or the Aquarium in America. 1858 1st ed. 170pp. Cloth is missing from top and bottom one inch of spine. Flyleaf has 1 inch piece missing. Some foxing. Otherwise nice copy of very rare book. $275.

Findlay, Hugh      Garden Making and Keeping    Chapter on “Little Pools and Aquatic Plants.”  Garden City: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1932. Drawings, photos Green cloth      Spine lettering faded, gen light wear to covers.. 252 pgs.           $20

Furneaux, W.S. , 1911 Life in Ponds And Streams Longmans, Green & Co., N. Y. Bombay & Calcutta(H) 406 pp. 8 color plates  including frontise, front view of an aquarium. Also, shells, quatic insects, dragon flies, fishes, etc.311 b/w text figures. No marine pics.   Red cloth cover, very good condition. $125

Gosse, Philip Henry The Aquarium: An Unveiling of the Wonders of the Deep Sea 1854 1st ed. John Van Voorst, London  aeg (all edges gilt)(H) xiii & 275 pp. &

2 pp. adv some foxing, binding is tight, blue cloth cover has some white spots    . This is the first English language book on the aquarium. ‑ 6 color plates (ancient wrasse, smooth anenome, star fishes,  parasitic anemone, plumose anemone, aesop prawn) & 6 lignigraphs, including           picture of the "Fountain Aquarium" $400

Hibberd, Shirley, 1875.  The Book of the Aquarium: or Practical Instructions on the Formation, Stocking, and Management in All Season, of Collections of Marine And River Animals and Plants.127 pp. Hibberd was a major writer on gardening and nature topics of the period. The illustrations include several Victorian aquariums.  ‑‑2 books in one (the freshwater aquarium ‑ 134pp, The book of the marine aquarium, 128pp. unnumbered text figures ‑ numerous. no color plates. Includes pics of algae, etc. New ed. Rev and enlarged.   $330

Innes,  Wm. T..     Aquarium Highlights 1951, 519pp,. , reprints of articles from The Aquarium magazine since 1932 illustrated   $40

Innes,  Wm. T.  Goldfish Varieties and Tropical Aquarium Fishes : a Complete Guide to Aquaria and Related Subjects.12th Edition. (1931) 306 pages. Cover is blue boards with a splendid gilt fish on front cover. Spine has a paper label. binding is tight and text is clean. Top edge gilt. $25.

Jones,  Thomas Rymer, 1858  The Aquarian Naturalist: a Manual for the Sea‑side.  1st edit. John van Voorst, London  (H) xviii & 524 pp. 8 color plates. very good condition. Looks brand new.        $150

Klee, Al. A History of the Aquarium Hobby in America. Special publication No. 1 , Guy Jordan Endowment Fund, American Cichlid Association, (1987) Limited to 300 copies. Hard cover with gold embossed binding. 158pp. Signed by Albert Klee, Ross Socolof, Aline Finley, Lee Finley and Paul Loiselle. Like new. $150.

Samuel, Mark. The Amateur Aquarist....How to Equip And Maintain a Self‑sustaining Aquarium, with upwards of 50 illustrations. Great information on plants; many aquatic plant illustrations. 114 pages + 3 pages advertising. Baker and Taylor 1894 1st Printing 1st Edition Hardcover Decorated Cover and Spine, shelf worn, somewhat faded. $100

Sawyer, Robert V., & Edwin H. Perkins   WATER GARDENS AND GOLDFISH    NY A. T. De La Mare Co. 1928. 112pp. Very good  $30

Sawyer, Robert V., & Edwin H. Perkins 2nd edition, revised  WATER GARDENS AND GOLDFISH    NY A. T. De La Mare Co. 1928. 1934 259pp. X lib rebound. Very good.  $20

Sterba, Gunther.      Freshwater Fishes of the World     1962-   The Pet Library, Ltd. 1967, 3rd printing, revised edition. Hard Cover. Good +. Covers show shelf wear. An extensive reference manual (877 pages with index) on freshwater fishes. Illustrated by B & W and Color Photos. $50

Stoye, F.H..Tropical Fishes for the Home.  1932 1st ed has 215 pages,165 plates + index of illustrations;  faded green cloth, decorated with picture of pair of bettas on the cover. gold embossed lettering on cover and spine.  $120

Stoye, F.H..Tropical Fishes for the Home.  1935 .2nd and enlarged edition with 282 pages 167 plates. Bright green cloth, decorated with picture of pair of bettas on the cover.gold embossed lettering on cover and spine.  $85

Taylor,J.E. AQUARIUM: Its Inhabitants, Structure and Mangement New Edition 1884 illustrations  throughout the work sm.8vo (316pp) pictorial cloth (embossed picture of aquarium with plants, fish, amphibian). All Edges Gilt. No color pics, 239 b/w text figs, including algae, corals, sea anenome. . Very nice illustrated ad for Radclyffe: aquarium and fern case manufacturer (london). $200

Taylor,J.E. AQUARIUM: Its Inhabitants, Structure and Management New Edition , 1910. Similiar to above, but with plain cover. $125.

  Townsend, Charles Haskins, 1919, 1925, 1929 Guide to The New York Aquarium N, Y. Zoological Society
  ___________________  2nd edit. 1925, 170 pp.. (H) ..... $45.00
  ___________________  3rd edit. 1929, 170 pp.. (H) ..... $30.00

363a. (2164.) Townsend, Charles Haskins. Guide to the New York Aquarium First published 1919. This is the 1st revised edition, 1937 New York Zoological Society (S) 139 pp. $15.00

Williams, Henry T., Ed.      Window Gardening.      New York: Henry T. Williams, 1878, 14th edition. First published 1871. 8vo, original blind stamped red cloth,  gilt on spine, nicks to head and foot of spine, rubbed, worn.   Pages: Title leaf, preface leaf, frontispiece plate, 800 illustrated with 50 figs, index leaf, 4 pages  ads, some pictorial. Text and illustrations are very clean. The first American manual on "window‑boxes"‑‑but mostly about indoor decorations. Many illustrations of Victorian interiors and plant displays. The attractive illustrations include glass enclosed fern cases, wardian cases indoor terrariums, "decorative dinner table with palms," bird cages surrounded by plants, vases, tassels, decorative mirrors, a lawn conservatory, etc. Title continues: "Devoted specially to the culture of flowers and ornamental plants, for in door use and parlor decoration.". $70

Wolf, Herman T. Goldfish Breeds and Other Aquarium Fishes.  A guide to Freshwater and Marina Aquaria, Their fauna flora and management. Innes & Sons Publishers. Slightly shaken binding with some edge wear to the cloth; small tear to upper edge of spine. Spine label is slightly scraped. Cover gilt is bright. 385pp. 1908  $175.

Wood, John George,  Common Objects of the Sea Shore , including hints for an aquarium ... with 14 color by Sowerby (seaweed, anenomes, etc.) 17th ed. 1912. The first edition was in 1857 and became a minor classic as a popular sea shore book  Attractive decorated cover. VG+  $100