The World of Olere


Campaign background

The world of Olere was created as a new campaign world in 1981. Since then, it has been adventured in by 4 adventuring groups, all participating in the same timeline. Information written about Olere for those campaigns is presented here. As time goes on and more of the information written for the Olere campaigns is converted, there will be maps, political information, historical information, and character profiles of the heroes who have adventured in this realm. There may eventually be some adventure information.


Read about the people and kingdoms that make up Olere and its struggles against the Warrior Mentalist and his Shade servants. From continents to small kingdoms, all is explained in the Atlas and lore pages.


Get the latest news! Right from the streets of Lorendan City, read the latest about what is happening in Lorendan, Northern Olerk and elsewhere. Lorendan Herald, No 1
or  Lorendan Herald, No 2  or   Lorendan Herald, No 3 The latest Herald!


The latest heroes of Olere, They Who Shall Not Choose a Name, sometimes keep a coherent account of their adventures and journeys through the world. Read their adventure logs to follow their exploits. The entire list is on the Logs page, the latest tale is Monkey Business.

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