FutureBasic Source (Sore?) Spot and Code of Algorithms


Here are some projects and source for FutureBasic 2 and 3 Please give credit where used, and I would appreciate it if you send
me any upgrades you come up with. Most items are of a graphical nature.

Presented in the spirit of MarsSaxMan and others whose generosity has helped me along the way.

Remember, as my old friend Robert Covington says,

"If you can't find what you need, you have to #$@!%# write it yourself."

Here is that philosophy in action, less profanely.

I Lied.

Rectal Itcher
What might this be you ask? :) Programmer utility for getting Rect information, etc.
from a composite PICT of PICTs to be used as a PICT resource. Tip: The image's rect is
the first one shown in the Zoom window upon image open.

New version v.8B adds resource file slide show and choice, plus clipboard import.
Now a Fat app too, for those 68Kavemen.

Useful for those making games, etc. where you have a lot of images in one PICT resource.
Outputs FB 2 and FB 3 code. Requires PPC and Color.
Not for the timid, or those who enjoy manual rectangling.

ObScreenshot of the above in Itch-tion.

ReadMe v.5 for this application. Classy. (Not Updated for v.8 yet).

Bezier Curve Demonstration - Includes FB 3 source, resource, and demo application. Nice. Demonstrates the curve, anti-aliased pixel and line drawing as well, gWorlds, and can easily be converted to 3 D.

Screenshot of the above. Cool beans.

Screenshot of coming version. Extra beans.

Whoa, hell , what's this? "Spline It To Me!"

Catmull-Rom Spline demonstration. Wahoooooo. 5 Knots in this one. Similar to above with
some additonal features. Cleaner code I think, and some extras. Resource, app and code.

Oh goodness...

Slider into First Base! It's Simple Slider, FB 2
Demo's a pop-up Quickdraw slider in FB 2. Requires color. All of these do. Source.

Slider into Second Base! It's Simple Slider, FB 3
Demo's same pop-up Quickdraw slider in FB 3. Requires color. Source.

Screenshot of Simple Slider.

Whoa, more hell, more sliding , what's this? Widget World 1
Widget world demo's sliders, in Quickdraw draw on the fly style, and.... a popup pict on pict slider! Wahoooo. Well actually, this one is Quickdraw on a pop-up pict. Uses gWorlds. See below.
Slider pops up where thumb was last, so whatever you are sliding, doesn't jump to Jupiter.
Extra resources are there. Resource, app and code.

Screenshot of Widget World 1
Pop-ups are simulated.

Whoa, even more hell , what's this? Deluxe Widget World 1
Demo's pict on pict gworld sliders, quickdraw on pict, and plain quickdraw. Switchable.
This one adds a vertical popup slider to the mix also. Extra resources are there. Resource, app and code. -

Screenshot of Deluxe Widget World 1
Pop-ups are simulated.

Holy Heck Batman! It's Widget World 2!
Demo's Pict on Pict sliders, horizontal and vertical with swappable thumbs. Slick.
Nicely commented. Resource includes many extra slider possiblilities. Resource, app and code.

Screenshot of Widget World 2

Herman, get the children in! It's "Wolfie World!" Wahoooooo it's Widget World 2 on steroids. Some kind of something.
Resource, app and code.

Better keep the volume down on this one. Screenshot of Wolfie World

Projects/source can easily be converted to FB 2 by simple variable DIM changes, etc.

Remember, in the cool quote world of Waverly Edwards' code, "Each One, Teach One."

Robert Covington

Write Me.