Read Me  for Rectal Itcher v.5b, "The No More Pain In The App" , app.

Rectal Itcher :  "The Programmer's App Wipe."

No obscene profits here, it's Free.

Software courtesy Artly There Hackware, Inc.  Initial
V.5b Release Sometime End Of July, 2000

Requires: PPC Mac with 6 Megabyte available RAM, Color QuickDraw. System 7.5 or higher

- What is it for? -

Ever make a game, or other thing, like PICT buttons, and don't know where
exactly in your master PICT of multiple pictures (pict rects) the coordinates lie?
Where and what the Rect is?

Well Rectal Itcher takes the scratch out of the chore.


- How do I use it? -

Open a PICT file (File Menu), Name your Rect number 0 in the "Zoom" window, then
click the left-top corner of desired rect in your PICT, then click right-bottom
point of your desired Rect.

A "plot dot" to the right of the fields will show the destination edit fields of
the next click (except on startup). Clicks alternate with T-L and B-R edit fields as the targets.
You can also enter the data manually.

Click ">" button to register that rect. Important!

Do so on and so forth. Enjoy your peaceful venture. When Done, Click ">" to
register the last rect, then File Menu/Save. (That last ">" action is important.)

You can scroll though your Rects with "<" or ">" .

Outputs FB3 or FB2 code  with respective creator codes.

- What is the output? -

DIMs the globals, and makes an "FN InitRects" for easy pasting into FB2 or FB3.

Program Features:

File Menu:


Opens your PICT, makes a window the size of the 72 DPI picture, if it is larger
than your screen, whoops.. no scrolling as of yet. Instead of closing a current
picture, you can open the next without using Close if you want.


Closes the window.


Saves your Rect code in format of menu check. Default is FB 3.


Get outta here, no questions asked, be mindful.

Code Menu

FB 3 or FB 2 code. FB 3 DIM rectname as Rect, FB 2 DIM rectname.8, etc.

Cursor Menu

Call GetMouse (and PtInRect) gets the pixel to the bottom and right of the
current hotpoint location. This allows a little adjustment by -1 so that a
0,0,320,240 rect can be read as 0,0,320,240 or 1,1,319,239, or 0,0,319,239 and
so on. You can set clickpoints individually. Default is pt1-1, pt2 normal.

Border Color

There is a 24 pixel border around your image. This is for the Zoom Rect's
benefit. Keeps the garbage down, but you have to set your preferred color before
opening your PICT. Default is white. Checking rect bounds for the Zoom input
slowed things down too much and GetMouse lagged the actual cursor.


Sample Output:

// Begin Rectal Itcher FB 3 Code

DIM Test1 as Rect 
DIM Test2 as Rect

End Globals

Clear Local 
Local FN InitRects 
Call SetRect(Test1, 83, 16, 262, 101) 
Call SetRect(Test2, 106, 70, 292, 99) 
End FN

// This file brought to you by Rectal Itcher, The Programmer's App Wipe. 
// End Scratch