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OUR STORY FOR CHILDREN-REPRISE African/African-American History, by Edwina Chavers Johnson, Copyright 1994, Edwina Chavers Johnson, EdD (ABD)
Vol. 1, No. 39
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Activities of the European Slave Trade
1441-Portugal the first country to kidnap and sell African people in Europe.
1481-Portugal rented land from a king whose kingdom was where Ghana is today. The Portugese started building a trading fort and named it Elmina. It took them 80 years to build Elmina. They began to buy African prisoners of war from the king there. They put the prisoners of war into the fort and when there were enough prisoners of war to fill a ship, the Portuguese put them into a ship and took them to Portugal to be sold at the slave market in Lisbon. Portugal traded in Benin in 1495 and in the Congo in 1482.
1493-The Pope of the Catholic Church said it was all right for the Portuguese to bring Africans there and sell them. He said it was good to 'make servants out of infidel people.' He did not know that the African people worshipped God, but in a different way from Catholics. The Pope divided the world into two parts so that Portugal could control the getting of Africans and the sale of Africans in Europe--and so that Spain could control the taking of Africans to all places in the 'new world.'
The King of Congo became a Christian and sent his sons to Portugal to become Christians.Date Unknown.
1538-The Portugese brought Africans to Brazil to work as slaves there. The Portuguese kept travelling around the coast of Africa and came to the southeastern section after 1600.
1620-Portuguese at Zimbabwe and looking for gold. They took all the gold they could find from Zimbabwe and destroyed the countryside and civilization in doing this.
Please investigate the cost of your joining The Association For The Study of Afro-American Life and History, 1407 14th St. N.W., Washington, D.C., 20005.
Take a look at some socio-scientific formulas from Kwame Nkrumah's Consciencism
Study and enjoy some maps of Africa.
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