Generation X has been considered a generation of kids who don't know where they are going, or what to do with their life. The stereotypical image is one of teenagers drinking beer, driving fast, and dropping out of school. I have far been sick of this image, and have worked to the best of my abilties to change the reputation of those teenagers in my town. We have opinions, and ideas, and I as well as many other teenagers that are reading this right now are tired of being considered a generation of slackers. If you are treated a certain way, then you will act that way. Anyone, not only teens, will give only what is expected out of them, and we must change that. We must give more, in order to have people expect more out of us. Bill Clinton put himself in a situation where either way he went, he was in trouble, yet his public opinion is rising. He is not on trial for cheating on his wife, he is on trial for perjury. If any other human being in the United States had committed the offense that he did, they would be in a Federal Prison. It is a shame to our nation that our main leader will lie, and scheme his way up in the polls, and it is also a shame that the Republ ican party is on a manhunt, and turning our government into a group of irresponsible people, all plotting against one another for more power.  As for the legalization of Marijuana, I believe that it would be good to do. Cigarettes have killed far more people, and are far more addicting, and are legal. I also think that if marijuana was legalized, it would take away the glamorous image that drugs inflect on teenagers, and lower the usage rate.
          There are far less damaging effects of marijuana on the body than there are of cigarettes, and even alcohol. Tobacco stockholders are all very rich people, so that will unfortunately not be outlawed, but marijuana legalization may help the nation out.
          I guess I ended up rambling on, but I had to voice my opinion on this. Thanks a lot, and I love the site. If there is anything I can do at all for
anyone, feel free to personally email me at Thank you-

Valerie J.