From my understanding, therehas been wars in that land for years. Yugosolvia is seprated in states. Lately a wide amount of Albanians have bee immagrating to Kosovo, which is holy land of the Serbs. So gorilla serb groups decide to do "ethnic cleansing." which is pushing the albanians out anyway they could wich includes attacking them, raping the women, killing them, take them as prisinor. The president of Yugosolvia has done nothing to stop it and refuse to stop. That is why NATO (which is mainly a european group) has decide to bomb places of Kosovo of impotance and are setting up camps and trying to protect the Albanias. NATO has bomb the caapitol, army bases and army veichals on the roads, media and other places of communications, bridges, and alot of other differnt places. Families are being seperated because everyone has a rush to get all the refugees out of Kosovo. You may ask why is US involved. Well we have the best military technoliges. Plus since the cold war in the 1950's we were considered the "World's Police Officer" What do you think ?